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Dot Pattern Maths

A paper relating to developments in Dot Pattern Numeral Systems for use in Primary and Early Math.


Primary math teachers of the world – welcome.


The author of the articles which will appear in this website has been interested in primary and early math teaching since his early twenties. Some 40 years ago, whilst teaching young pupils math, he recognized the need to change things in early math if we were to prevent young children rejecting math for being difficult.

As we know, math is not difficult; it is often mentally challenging – but that’s a positive, stimulating emotion. The author believes that it is now generally accepted amongst math teachers that one of the two main causes why children find math difficult is due to the use, at a formative time in a child’s math education, of an inefficient and inappropriate teaching method: rote memory. [The other reason children find math difficult is due to its very strict hierarchical nature: should a pupil miss even a single math lesson due for example to ill health, he can, forever, be left behind and unable to follow future lessons].

The author has developed a math teaching method, based on a Dot Pattern Numeral System, that removes the role of rote memory in carrying out all 4 basic arithmetic functions. From 2009, this website will commence publishing his ideas outlining the method, along with the story of its development.